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Campfire: Excerpt from Family Tree – Part 2

Family Tree by Monica Zwikstra, illustrated by Richard Bartrop

Monica Zwikstra was born on Manitoulin Island in Northern Ontario, Canada. She lives in Southern Alberta with her husband and three cats. When not writing, she enjoys reading, gardening, playing the autoharp and being an active member of the community.

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The stranger nodded. Sam locked the door, then led the man through the darkened bar to the front. He poured coffee for them both and tried to glimpse the stranger’s face as he placed the cup in front of him. Between the hoodie and the faintness of the closed sign, it was difficult to see much.

“How do you know the Green Man tales? I’ve always thought them a Kotter family story.”

“It is and I am a relative.” He sipped on the hot brew. “What do you remember from your stories, in relation to the Green Man?”

Who has perverted the tales so badly?

Sam leaned back, folded his arms across his chest. “Well, it’s been a while, I seem to remember, Mmm…he was supposed to be the seed of life, planting his seed within mother earth or Gaia, renewal, the bringer of spring. Oh, the stories encouraged us to get married, as the Green Man had to be a single guy.”

The stranger slumped back in the chair. “The first part is correct-the second is... how can this be? Who has perverted the tales so badly? This is not the purpose of the stories. They are meant to prepare you for your turn when it comes.”

Sam shrugged, pushed his hair from his face. Was there a leaf stuck in the man’s hair? He turned up the bar lights. “You know,” Sam said, “you still haven’t told me your name or how we are related.”

“I have told you.” He stood up and with two hands removed his hood. “I am the Green Man and I would be — a distant uncle.”

Who has perverted the tales so badly?

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