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Campfire: Family Tree by Monica Zwikstra

Family Tree by Monica Zwikstra, illustrated by Richard Bartrop

Monica Zwikstra was born on Manitoulin Island in Northern Ontario, Canada. She lives in Southern Alberta with her husband and three cats. When not writing, she enjoys reading, gardening, playing the autoharp and being an active member of the community.

Monica Zwikstra

My thoughts on optimistic SF.

In simple terms, it means the good guys or gals win.

In a deeper sense, it means the human race survives.

This may seem simplistic. However, consider the news of today.

Climate change, wars and potential wars, the violence people inflict on each other both as individuals and as a species.

Some days, survival is not so easy to imagine.

‘Optimistic SF.’ means, in my mind, SF that depicts overcoming the odds, fighting off the darkness or changing the world for the positive, providing hope and a sense of rightness.

Consider Anne McCaffrey’s Pern, and the people that populated it in the book Dragonsdawn. Tenacity, drive and a sense of optimism. Fighting against the odds, and while suffering huge setbacks, they survive. They survive and eventually thrive, through determination and the human ability to adapt.

Now that’s my idea of Optimistic Sf.

NEXT WEEK: A serialized excerpt from Family Tree, a work in progress by Monica Zwikstra

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