Reality Skimming


Do you Reality Skim?

Reality Skimming believes many readers and writers are instinctive philosophers. Share your results in thought provoking mini-essays or interviews with an optimistic SF outlook. Optimistic SF: Reality Skimming knows the world's a mean and hopeless place sometimes, but holds that it is in the mission of optimistic art to inspire good people to strive for a better world, where possible, and to reconcile them to the worst without surrender, where necessary. We welcome thoughtful mini-essays on nearly any subject within the compass of this world view. How? Have a look at the blog. If you have ideas for an article, suggestions or questions about either Reality Skimming or the ORU contact Lynda Williams. Be prepared to stand by your statements with a bio and picture. Contributors must vouch for copyright clearance.

The Fine Print

Reality Skimming is proud to host guest article for the intellectual, creative and promotional benefit of its readers, contributors and hosts. We pay in good will and the possibility of future opportunities, where meaningful. Sometimes the eccentric people behind Reality Skimming send small thank you presents, when particularly moved, or because there was enough time and budget that month. So we can't put anything definite about that in the contract. 🙂 Reality Skimming articles may be re-published, or simultaneously published, by the authors and/or Reality Skimming at any time and in any format, although all other aspects of copyright reside with the author. Honorarium payments apply for some projects, clarified in advance.
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