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Diff the Dragon – Part Fiftytwo

Diff the Dragon by Angela Lott, illustrations by Richard Bartrop. An Okal Rel Universe Legacy Novella featuring the young Alivda

Angela Lott is the middle child of Lynda’s three daughters. She did two years of Business schooling at the College of New Caledonia and is now working as a receptionist at her local FYiDoctors. In her spare time she enjoys writing, video blogging, reading and watching very nerdy TV shows.

Part 52

“Get down this instant!” Amel yelled. Alivda just giggled.

“What is wrong with you?” he yelled again.

“Yummy, yummy black stuff in my tummy!” Alivda yelled down.

“What?” Amel said to himself. “Could that be…oh no!” he moaned.

“WEEeeee!” Alivda cried as she jumped from branch to branch.

They were in a park. Reetions seemed to have them all over the place. Amel wasn’t sure why. All he cared about right now was how to get Alivda out of the trees in the park.

Amel flinched as he watched her, scared she would fall. She was swinging on the highest branches she could find.

“I like this better than that really big square one,” Alivda yelled as she swung. “It wasn’t this much fun!”

“Please,” Amel begged, “get down and let me help you!”

“Allow me,” Ann said. She had just arrived.

“Allow you to do what?” Amel asked as he turned around to face her.

The scene he saw took a moment to register.

Ann had a gun pointed at his Diff! He couldn’t believe it, but before he could do anything about it she fired.

Thick white foam covered the tree and Alivda.

“NO!” she yelled as she squirmed.

“Restraining foam,” Ann said, lowering the gun.

“Oh,” Amel said, relieved. “But won’t she wriggle out of it?”

“It gets tighter the more you move,” Ann said. “It’s designed to hold you till you calm down.”

Alivda was thrashing so much now that she was falling out of the tree.

Ann quickly squirted a whole pile of foam right where Alivda was about to hit the ground. She landed with a squelch and continued squirming.

“So how long does it take for Vrellish people to calm down?” Ann asked after a few moments of Alivda failing to become tranquil.

“If they have had coffee?” Amel said. “Who knows?”

“How do you know she had coffee?” Ann asked. “She is usually this crazy anyway.”

“She isn’t usually this bad,” Amel said, as he watched his Diff fight against the foam with all her might. “And she usually listens to me.”

“If you say so,” Ann said. “I will call for first aid.”

“But remember she is a regenerative Sevolite,” Amel said, wary of Reetion medicine. “No robots or anything!”

“We learned our lesson with you,” Ann said. “Don’t worry.”

“Well, at least my being a guinea pig was useful for something,” Amel sighed.

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