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Diff the Dragon – Part Nineteen: Dragon Taming

Diff the Dragon by Angela Lott, illustrations by Richard Bartrop. An Okal Rel Universe Legacy Novella featuring the young Alivda

Angela Lott is the middle child of Lynda’s three daughters. She did two years of Business schooling at the College of New Caledonia and is now working as a receptionist at her local FYiDoctors. In her spare time she enjoys writing, video blogging, reading and watching very nerdy TV shows.

Part 19

Amel didn’t arrive for another five days—Ev’rel didn't like to share—and Perry was not impressed.

“Why are you late?” were the first words out of Perry’s mouth when Amel walked in.

“And hello to you too,” Amel said, and kissed her. “How was the visit?”

“Do you really need to ask?” Perry said, pointing to the state of her room.

Not only had Perry not been able to put the bookshelf back together, but what was left of the books were still there and the light fixture was no longer on the ceiling.

Amel chuckled. “I guess not. Where is Diff?”

“Over here,” Perry said.

Amel followed Perry to a corner and found for the second time he was horrified by what Perry had done to his little Diff.

“You put her on a leash!” Amel said.

“Yes,” Perry said with no shame.

Little Diff didn’t seem as upset by it as Amel was. She was sleeping with the harness still on and tied to a hook in the corner. There were marks on the leash were Alivda had tried to chew herself free.

Amel didn’t notice these, however, since he went straight to the wall and untied the leash. He went to take the harness off when Perry stopped him.

“Never wake a sleeping dragon,” Perry said.

Never wake a sleeping dragon

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