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Diff the Dragon – Part Six: A Reprieve

A Reprieve

Diff the Dragon by Angela Lott, illustrations by Richard Bartrop. An Okal Rel Universe Legacy Novella featuring the young Alivda

Angela Lott is the middle child of Lynda’s three daughters. She did two years of Business schooling at the College of New Caledonia and is now working as a receptionist at her local FYiDoctors. In her spare time she enjoys writing, video blogging, reading and watching very nerdy TV shows.

Part 6

Ann rolled her eyes. She really didn’t like this parent version of Amel at all. She decided she would rather have no Amel than this Amel, even if she was horny. At least this way, her shins would get some rest.

“Amel,” Ann said as she sat at the table.


“Are you sure little Diff isn’t bored here?”

“She doesn’t seem bored to me,” Amel said tentatively.

“And did you ask her parents if you could take her into Reetion space?” Ann asked.

“No,” Amel said, sounding worried now. Had the thought only just occurred to him?

“Don’t you think you should wait to come back when you have permission?” Ann asked. "We wouldn't want a diplomatic incident, after all." Maybe this was Ameron's new way of declaring war on Rire. Who needed armies when you had this toddler?

“Perry knows I would never let anything happen to her,” Amel said. “I am sure everything is fine.” He smiled.

Ann tried again. “I also have some stuff I have been putting off and should get back to,” she said. “Why don’t we do another visit soon?”

“I guess, if you’re busy,” Amel said. “But I thought you wanted to see me?”

Yes, I did, Ann thought, but not with clothes on.

“Yeah, I know,” Ann said. “And I thought my work could wait, but it can’t.”

“Okay,” Amel said. “We will go, but please contact me when you are free again, okay?”

“I will,” Ann said, secretly hoping Amel and Ayrium would have a big falling out and Alivda would get taken away from him. When breakfast was over Amel packed up his and Alivda’s stuff and they left.

Ann breathed a sigh of relief and looked up a friend on the casual sex roster. No one was as good as Amel, but right now she didn’t care as long as the man didn’t have a blonde terror with him.

A Reprieve

A Reprieve

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