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Diff the Dragon – Part Sixty

Diff the Dragon by Angela Lott, illustrations by Richard Bartrop. An Okal Rel Universe Legacy Novella featuring the young Alivda

Angela Lott is the middle child of Lynda’s three daughters. She did two years of Business schooling at the College of New Caledonia and is now working as an optometric assistant. In her spare time she enjoys writing, video blogging, reading and watching very nerdy TV shows.

Part 60

“I’ve been hearing things,” Perry told her granddaughter when she got back home.

“Really!” Alivda said sarcastically, not even looking at Perry. She walked in and headed for the kitchen. Perry followed her.

“I heard you killed someone,” Perry said.

“And did you also hear it wasn’t a fair duel?”

“No, but—”

“Then what’s the problem?” Alivda said, now pulling food from the cupboards.

“He was a good man,” Perry said.

“He was a horrible sword.”

“Nevertheless,” Perry said, “you can’t kill people just for that.”

“Sure I can! Didn’t I just prove that?”

“Fine then, you shouldn’t kill people just for being horrible swords.”

Alivda rolled her eyes and finished preparing her vegetable-free food.

“I am serious, Alivda!” Perry said. “Stop!”

Alivda shaped her hand into a mouth and made it yap at her grandma while she gathered up her Vrellish-friendly lunch.

“Don’t you walk away from me!” Perry yelled, but it was too late. Alivda had taken her food and left.

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