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Feb 2, 2014 – Okal Rel Quote

Feb 2, 2014 - Okal Rel Quote. A special kiss.

Okal Rel science fiction books - a special first kiss

Writer-daughter Jennifer Lott's 2013 Xmas gift to Lynda Williams was an Okal Rel quote of the day stack for 2014, featuring intriguing snapshots of the ORU adventure from all titles in the series: Saga, Legacies and online.

From saga novel Gathering Storm by Lynda Williams.

Sam sank very slowly and decorously to the floor, a warm flush of pleasure and well-being animating her face and torso even as her limbs betrayed her to gravity. She sat in the heap of her spread skirts for long, delicious minutes refusing to think about anything. As she came to herself again, face cooling as the swelling feeling of all-embracing love subsided, she resolved two things immediately. First, that she would have to pretend this never happened, for Amel's sake as well as her own; and second, that she could no longer blame Rolf for his slip up in rehearsal on the dance floor.

Feb 2, 2014 - Okal Rel Quote. A special kiss.

Feb 2, 2014 - Okal Rel Quote. A special kiss.from Part 8: Gathering Storm, by Lynda Williams.


Amel succumbs to temptation in a weak moment and kisses Samanda while she's still his social convener, charged with organizing the event where he's to pick a bride from eligible Silver Demish princesses. Samanda doesn't fall into that class by her own calculus.

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