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First Sale – David Perlmutter

David Perlmutter Canadian freelance writer

David Perlmutter of SF Canada

David Perlmutter is a freelance writer based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. The holder of an MA degree from the Universities of Manitoba and Winnipeg, and a lifelong animation fan, he has published short fiction in a variety of genres for various magazines and anthologies, as well as essays on his favorite topics for similar publishers. He is the author of America Toons In: A History of Television Animation (McFarland and Co.), The Singular Adventures Of Jefferson Ball (Chupa Cabra House), The Pups ( and Certain Private Conversations and Other Stories (Aurora Publishing).

I published my first story in 2009. It was called “The Hunter and the Game”, and it appeared at the website Kalkion in September of that year.

I had been trying to get published for several years before then, when I figured out trying to be a script writer for Hollywood-based animation wasn’t really going to work for someone living in Winnipeg. I became interested in SF and Fantasy around the same time, and figured that this might be an easier line of work if I could crack it. Needing to find a line of work after completing my college studies in history increased that desire.

So it was that I sought out ideas, and gradually Jefferson Ball, the heroine of the story, and Hamilton Pomeranian, her close associate, emerged. The idea was basically reverse an old stereotype in SF- white guys making love to any alien woman they want, and getting away with it. At the same time, a lot of strong woman characters came into SF as well, so this was a way to kid that whole trend as well. Then I combined it with the plotting and characterization of the animated cartoons I grew up knowing and loving, and that was that.

I enjoyed writing the story and have gone back to writing about Jeff and Ham whenever I feel the need since, because I owe them for getting me started. There are currently enough to fill a whole book (The Singular Adventures of Jefferson Ball, now available from Chupa Cabra House), and, I suspect, a lot more will be coming in the future.

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