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Food for #BAD11

What's World Food Day have to do with a science fiction saga about larger-than-life characters who fly around their universe in spherical ships by means of a faster-than-light technology called reality skimming? Well, partly I just wanted to link in with a good cause. I have always believed we should harness our genius, as humans, to make a better world, and a world in which no one starved to death would certainly be a better one. So I wanted to take part in Blog Action Day on the food theme. And there is an Okal Rel connection. I designed my saga's setting to personalize issues that troubled me and one result is the great value placed on the produce of "green worlds" as opposed to inorganic forms of wealth. It's easy to get hold of nearly any mineral if you can fly at FTL displacements all over the universe. But good planets are few and far between. And food is a valuable commodity. Sure, it's possible to grow it in vats in subterranean Gelion, the planet at the hub of the Sevolite empire, but there's never enough. Many places in the ORU depend on "groceries" flown in by reality skimming pilots from green worlds. In fact, in Part 6: Avim's Oath, it is disruption to food shipments that heats up tensions on FarHome, a so-called "brown world" -- habitable, but not verdant. Getting back to our world, it is good to see blogs unite behind a humanitarian idea. It fans the embers of my faith in that dream of progress improving the world, for all, and not just the powerful and greedy. Cheers.
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