Give the Gift of Amel this Valentine’s

Special Valentines Day Offer Amel Dem'Vrel

Embrace the beauty, romance and passion of Amel and treat yourself or a special someone this Valentine's Day.

Introduced in Courtesan Prince, the first book of the addictive Okal Rel series, Amel is a gentle soul in a savage world. Pureblood, immortal, lover and poet, courtesan and dancer and all-around tragic hero, Amel will haunt your dreams and fantasies.

Born to Ev'rel and her hated half-brother in fulfillment of a disastrous child contract, Amel was lost in infancy in an attempt to hide him from his murderous father. He was raised in secret with foster sister Mira, but he could not hide forever.

At age ten he spent six months in a sla den in the Underdocks, where he suffered abuse and torment. His salvation came in the form of a Madam and Sword Dancer named Eva who became his close friend and mentor and eventually taught him the secret arts of pleasure and seduction...

The events of Courtesan Prince catapult Amel into life as a Pureblood for which he was ill prepared by his history as a successful court sword dancer.

Give your heart to Amel this Valentines and order the Okal Rel 3-Book Valentines Day Special. Just until February 14th, this offer includes the first 3 books of the Okal Rel series: The Courtesan Prince, Righteous Anger and Pretenders for the special low-price of $50 plus HST.

Each book will bear a personal inscription by Amel Dem'Vrel himself, making each a one of a kind.

Don't deny yourself this Valentine's Day... Indulge by clicking the button below.

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