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Golden Souls by Lynda Willams – Post 29

Golden Souls 29

Golden Souls by Lynda Williams, is a story of Amel's envoy period. Illustrations are by Richard Bartrop.

Soul of Light

Amel excused himself, saying, “I had better go see to what Sen is doing. Can you take care of Lady Ril?”

“Of course!” Dela said. “And please, accept her thanks through me! She’ll come around and understand. You’ll see!”

“Understand what?” Amel asked, looking puzzled again.

Dela dismissed him with a waggle of her fingers and a joyful grin. He smiled back ruefully and slipped away.

Lady Ril spoke up the moment Dela was alone with her. "He forgot," she said. "He forgot what I'd done when the fit took him. He didn’t purposefully shield you, or protect me."

“Nonsense!" Dela exclaimed. "Amel protected you. He wants me to adopt him. He was sad about the horse. He's even reads Fahandlin!” Dela's blue eyes grew wide, "oh dear! He could be Fahandlin! And I said I preferred Princess Darleema's poems. I am so embarrassed."

Ril's head swayed from side to side. She bit her lip. Her stoic old eyes brimmed. “No,” she whimpered. “He can’t be …”

“Yes!” Dela tried to douse her enthusiasm enough to grasp what made her friend so miserable. “Why ever not!” she cried. “Oh, Ril, it fixes everything. It has to be!”

"If he is a Soul of Light," Ril mumbled clutching Dela’s soft hands with clawed fingers. "Oh Dela!" She stared into Dela's open-hearted innocence. "Don't you know what happened to him?"

"He said something about Gelion," Dela groped unwillingly toward seeing what Ril was alarmed about. " When he was a child."

Ril gagged as if her heart had broken. She cracked like an old, dry twig, and fell into Dela's arms.

As she stroked Ril's hair, Ril got out an explanation between sobs. "Consider every reason I could not bear to think of you harmed. Then imagine it all happening to Amel!"

Golden Souls 29
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