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Golden Souls by Lynda Williams – Post 11

Vretla using too much muscle on her horse.
Golden Souls by Lynda Williams, is a story of Amel's envoy period. Illustrations are by Richard Bartrop.
A strange man with no idea how to handle a horse ... turns out to be a Vrellish woman.
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"Tell the stupid animal!"

Dela watched her household men, led by Ronan, go out into the yard. They were met by the Dem'Vrel who talked loudly and waved their arms.

"To think he walks in such flesh without a Soul of Light inside him!" Lady Ril murmured by her side, watching Amel through the glass of the study window.

Outside, Amel caused a ruckus by having some sort of panic attack. The Dem'Vrel tried to help, although Dela felt certain they had caused the fit by crowding him too close.

"Come," said Ril, and gestured toward the withdrawing room.

But Dela gasped and pointed out the window. “Look!” she cried as a horse thundered up the drive well ahead of the rest of the honor guard, and plunged through the knot of people holding Amel, knocking two down. The rest scattered.

The rider wore flight leathers with the crossed swords of Vrel on the left breast. He grabbed for Amel but his horsemanship was criminal. The horse turned in a hard circle, resisting the use of excessive force. It was answered with more force, pulling its mouth open and its neck into a hairpin bend.

"No! Vretla!" Amel took a glancing body blow from the horse's shoulder, but stayed up, clutching at the reigns. "Relax!"

"Tell the stupid animal!" The rider cried back.

Even through the intervening glass, the rider’s voice was puzzling. It was not a man’s, but it was too deep and unrestrained to be a woman's. Dela looked harder. She decided the lean figure in the saddle could be female, if a woman could be hard-limbed, small breasted and brutal. The rider's face had a vaguely feline look. At the moment her lips were drawn back in a grimace as she hung on with muscular thighs.

"Let up!" Amel yelled at her. He got hold of the sword sheath strapped to the rider's leg and was half dragged by the horse as he tried to force some slack into the reigns. The rider seized him by his tunic and hauled him up across her thighs.

"Let up on the — ooof!" Amel broke off as the horse stomped the ground with both forelegs, forcing him to clutch at the rider or fall off.

Vretla chucked the reins over the horse's head, which Dela felt pretty sure was not the right thing to do.

Vretla using too much muscle on her horse.

Vretla using too much muscle on her horse.

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