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Golden Souls by Lynda Williams – Post 12

Vretla crashes into Dee Manor
Golden Souls by Lynda Williams, is a story of Amel's envoy period. Illustrations are by Richard Bartrop.
Vretla Vrel loses control of her horse and charges through window of Dee Manor.
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Vretla crashes in

The horse stumbled on a reign, swerved, and plunged toward the big front window. In the saddle, Vretla drew her sword. In the room, Ril pulled Dela away.

Too late, the frantic horse tried to turn. Vretla swung her sword into the wall of glass as the horse’s shoulder struck. Bodies hurtled through the breaking window in an explosion of sound. The horse lost its footing and fell, landing across the razor-toothed sill of the window like so much thrashing meat.

A spray of shards spread as far as Dela's feet. Lady Ril clutched her arm.

Vretla got to her feet shedding broken glass. Her flight suit had spared her any bad cuts, but blood trickled from a nick on her cheek. She took a step in Amel’s direction where he lay balled up to minimize body contact with the rain of glass, but stopped when she saw him stir and heard him groan.

The horse struggled to rise, and failed, blowing out noisily.

Vretla retrieved her sword. After breaking the window, she had thrown the weapon clear of her fall. To have such presence of mind under the circumstances was astonishing to Dela. Particularly in a woman.

Vretla noticed Dela and Ril, as well, and muttered, "Demish skirts." It didn’t sound like a compliment, but Dela was beyond taking offense. She stood rigid as a statue clinging to Lady Ril.

Vretla crashes into Dee Manor

Vretla crashes into Dee Manor

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