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Golden Souls by Lynda Williams – Post 15

Vretla puts the Dem'Vrel in their place
Golden Souls by Lynda Williams, is a story of Amel's envoy period. Illustrations are by Richard Bartrop.
Glimpse of the rivalry between the Therd and Lekker clan seen in Kar Therd and Sen Lekker. (BTW: Sen appears in Part 6: Avim's Oath, of the Okal Rel Saga books.)
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Vretla ordering the Dem'Vrel around.

"Get rid of the animal," Vretla ordered the nearest Dem'Vrel of the handful who had climbed in the window after her. "It is upsetting Amel."

"Sensitive little whore," the Dem'Vrellish man chuckled with a mocking grin.

Vretla fisted her hands in his jacket. "And a damn good one," she said, lifting him off his feet. " You good at anything, Kar Therd?" Vretla heaved him towards the disabled horse before he could answer. Kar’s companions hooted their amusement.

Amel winced as the thrown man struck the horse and jerked his head away to look around the room's décor. His need for a diversion made Dela wish the room was not so boring but she’d had never had the heart to countermand Lady Ril's sober tastes.

"Sen, take care of the animal," Vretla repeated her order to another of the Dem'Vrel.

The woman addressed shouldered between two larger men. She wore pants and a sword, like them, but she didn’t look as man-hard as Vretla.

"Yes, Liege Vrel," Sen said.

Dela noted Vretla was not addressed as 'Princess-Liege', just 'Liege'; and instead of bottling her up in the house, people did what she told them to. She also recalled it was Liege Vrel who had killed her husband, Chandad. The horse was harder to forgive her for. But admiring her husband's killer did not sit right with Dela, either. And Vretla was simply too bizarre. Like a fish who had walked out of a pond to come to lunch, or a commoner who understood Fahandlin's poems.

Vretla puts the Dem'Vrel in their place

Vretla puts the Dem'Vrel in their place

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