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Golden Souls by Lynda Williams – Post 17

Will you marry our Princess?
Golden Souls by Lynda Williams, is a story of Amel's envoy period. Illustrations are by Richard Bartrop.
Afraid to resist via a duel, Ronan demands Amel marry Dela to consolidate his claim on Dee Manor.
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Vretla isn't keen on Amel marrying a 'skirt'.

"Pureblood Amel," Ronan said stiffly. "These are Dee lands."

"I understand," Amel assured him. "But my champion is the liege of Vrel and she has killed better swordsmen than you, or your cousin Chandad."

The insult registered on Ronan’s face as plainly as the imprint of a slap, but the intended warning won out in determining his response.

"You will marry Princess Dela, then!" Ronan demanded, insulting Amel in turn by using Ril's formula of devaluing any non-Golden Sevolite’s status by a birth rank.

Amel had trouble with the question on all fronts.

"I, uh, … I'll consider it, I think," he said, his differencing levels shifting with each pronoun. He cleared his throat. "Does your Princess expect ... or even want --"

Vretla sheathed her sword with a 'snick' that made Amel jump.

"Absolutely not," she declared, and pointed at Dela. "You marry a skirt and she'll have you twisted up in knots over their stupid notion every sha'st, mekan'st or even lyka for that matter has to be a venting cher'st! Then you’ll be no good to the Vrellish."

Vretla seemed greatly offended. The terms she used were Vrellish words for lover. Dela had no idea how to distinguish between them. She had only encountered them in literary contexts where Golden Demish dialect had nothing bad enough to substitute for what was wanted. 'Venting' was a fleet vulgarity. It referred to eliminating the crew of a captured station by opening airlocks. Okal Rel took a dim view of the practice.

Will you marry our Princess?

Will you marry our Princess?

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