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Golden Souls by Lynda Williams – Post 21

Dela is upset by pressure to woo Amel.
Golden Souls by Lynda Williams, is a story of Amel's envoy period. Illustrations are by Richard Bartrop.
Ril and Ronan argue about Dela's duty to woo Amel.
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Ronan rushed over to Dela the moment Vretla was gone. ""Go to Amel, to plead your case for marriage!" he urged her. “We will keep his people occupied."

"You cannot ask this of her," Lady Ril protested. "It will kill her! Remember the Sacrifice!"

Ronan pulled Ril away from Dela's side. "Aunt, this is our only hope," he told her. To Dela’s horror, Ril failed to resist when he seated her on a couch relatively free of glass. She refused to meet Dela’s eyes. She sat staring forward, looking defeated and smaller than she used seem to Dela.

Ronan took Dela’s arm and marched her briskly across the glass-strew floor. He halted at the door of the withdrawing room and knocked.

"Yes?" Amel's voice was muffled by the intervening door but he didn't sound as if he wanted visitors.

Ronan opened the door. "For Dee," he urged Dela, and pushed her through. Behind her, the door closed with a familiar sound that had always meant she was safely closed up in her own world. Until now.

Amel was sitting with one leg up on her divan. He had been crying. His face was as lovely as the porcelain dolls Dela loved to collect when she was a little girl, each one hand-painted with loving attention to detail, their cheeks kissed with mild colors. His were a fading rose.

"This is your room?" Amel asked her, quietly.

Dela nodded.

Amel got to his feet. "It is pretty," he said, looking around. She waited.

Dela is upset by pressure to woo Amel.

Dela is upset by pressure to woo Amel.

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