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Golden Souls by Lynda Williams – Post 27

Golden Souls 27

Golden Souls by Lynda Williams, is a story of Amel's envoy period. Illustrations are by Richard Bartrop.

Lies and Sen Lekker

The door began to open behind Ril.

Dela gulped a breath. No one could see Ril pointing a gun at Amel! Without thinking she threw herself on Ril and wrestled the gun from her shaking hands.

As soon as she had the gun, Dela dropped it like a hot coal. It slid a body’s length across the polished wood floor.

A couple of the Dem'Vrel barged into the drawing room led by Sen Lekker. Ronan hovered ineffectually behind them.

"Amel’s having one of his fits!" said one of the Dem’Vrel. He dropped beside Amel to pull him up to sitting in a rough manner.

"I’ll take him!" Sen insisted. Dela was relieved to see she handled Amel more kindly. He was still disoriented, but coming around.

The second Dem'Vrellish man in Sen’s command reached down to pick up the gun. "What is this doing here?" he demanded, suspitiously.

Dela met and matched Ril's terrified expression, and held her breath. If she was wrong about Amel, she would deserve Ril's parting curse.

"Lady Ril …" Amel said, looking sheepish as he hung onto Sen's arm. He paused to swallow before resuming smoothly. "I asked her to fetch the gun from the other room where it had been dropped by the stable hand. To get it out of harm’s way. I suppose she dropped it when I acted up."

Ril broke eye contact with Dela to stare at Amel, instead. For an instant she looked shocked, then relieved. And then, to Dela’s astonishment, horrified.

“Horrified” seemed a strange reaction, to Dela. Hadn’t Amel just saved her life by lying for her?

"I don't like a gun being so much in evidence, whatever it’s justification for being on the premises," Sen complained to the locals. She put her hand out to receive the gun and stuck it in her belt.

Golden Souls 27
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