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Golden Souls by Lynda Williams – Post 28

Golden Souls 28

Golden Souls by Lynda Williams, is a story of Amel's envoy period. Illustrations are by Richard Bartrop.

Immortality and Assination

"You will rest now, Immortality," Sen told Amel. "All this has been too much for you, I think. I wish I had the rank to dress down Vretla for making you upset!"

"You mustn't ever, ever challenge Vretla over me!" Amel implored Sen.

"I'm not a fool," Sen Lekker said sourly. Then she softened. "Lean on me," she ordered Amel. He accepted her help to rise. Sen Lekker to keep her arm around his back.

"Really, I am fine now, thank you," Amel said. But he had to tug gently to detach himself.

Dela decided she didn’t like Sen Lekker. The woman was far below Amel’s station as a Pureblood. She would have to have a word with Amel about predatory females. Such things were a mother’s responsibility!

It took Amel nearly five minutes to convince the Dem’ Vrel there was no need for them to stay in the room with himself, Dela and Ril. During those five minutes, Ril said nothing. She stood like a statue, looking devastated. Ronan skulked about, hanging his head, and left with the Dem’Vrel.

The moment they were alone, Dela her arms around Amel’s neck and hugged him.

“Princess Dela!” Amel hugged back, and laughed gently. “You are welcome. But I hope you will make sure Lady Ril doesn’t try to assassinate me again.”

Dela drew back enough to grin at him. No doubt he thought she’d hugged him for saving Lady Ril. And that was part of it. But there was so much more!

She was so happy and excited she couldn’t put her feelings into words.

Golden Souls 28
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