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Golden Souls by Lynda Williams – Post 7

Dela imagines what Amel must be like.
Golden Souls by Lynda Williams, is a story of Amel's envoy period. Illustrations are by Richard Bartrop.
Dela seeks info but is given orders.
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You must marry Amel.

"Lord Ronan," Dela said, worrying her book of verse with her hands, "I have heard of the Dem'Vrel, of course. But I know precious little about Amel. I had heard about him turning up, but Chandad wouldn’t tell me anything more. Surely it is time to tell me anything you know about him."

Ronan’s sallow face actually colored. "Amel was raised as a commoner," he volunteered, and paused. “By accident.”

“Accident? I thought it was his father’s doing?”

The servant arrived with Dela's water. Dela took a sip and handed it back. Lord Ronan waited with impatience for the servant to leave. When he spoke again he elevated Dela to a mythical rank about Pureblood as he gave an astonishing order. "Princess, you must marry Pureblood Amel!"

Dela was so completely unprepared she just stared.

"I do not ask it lightly," Ronan continued to exalt her with his pronouns. "But if you do not, the Dem'Vrel will be able to evict us from our lands. Lands we have held since the Golden Age. Princess, you owe us this much."

Because I failed to produce heirs, Dela realized, feeling stripped down and flogged by this irredeemable failure.

"It is not so impossible he'd have you." Lord Ronan shifted the differencing suffixes on his pronouns back to the merely accurate, speaking up to her by two birth ranks. "Amel could stand to marry into some respectability. Pureblood or not, he won't get many offers."

Dela shuddered at the thought of what terrible flaws Amel must possess to be undesirable despite such a unique lineage!

"It may actually serve him that you are not fruitful," Lord Ronan speculated. "His father feared children because they made him less irreplaceable."

She felt faint with grief to realize how little her feelings meant in this matter.

Is this how the Sacrifice felt, all those years ago, Dela wondered

Dela imagines what Amel must be like.

Dela imagines what Amel must be like.

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