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Interview with Kristene Perron

Kristene Perron

Kristene Perron

Kristene is a former professional stunt performer for film and television (as Kristene Kenward) and self-described ‘fishing goddess’. Pathologically nomadic, she has lived in Japan, Costa Rica, the Cook Islands, and a very tiny key in the Bahamas, just to name a few. Her stories have appeared in Denizens of Darkness, Canadian Storyteller Magazine, The Barbaric Yawp and Hemispheres Magazine. In 2010 she won the Surrey International Writers’ Conference Storyteller Award. Kristene is a member of SF Canada. Her novel, Warpworld, is the first in a five book adventure science fiction series, penned with her Texan co-writer, Joshua Simpson. The second book, Wasteland Renegades, will be published in July 2013. She currently resides in Nelson, BC, Canada but her suitcase is always packed.

Interviewed by Michelle Carraway

What would you consider your top three creative achievements to be?

The first is my co-written novel/series Warpworld, without question. I'm very proud of what Joshua Simpson and I have created, and the time and energy I have put (and continue to put) into this story borders on obsessive.

Second would be Birds Also Cry, a short story I wrote in 2010 that won the Storyteller Award at the Surrey International Writer's Conference. The award was nice but even better were the wonderful comments I received from judges Diana Gabaldon and Jack Whyte.

The last one is a bit strange but I occasionally do construction, as a "real" job, with my husband. When I have spare moments, I will write micro fiction on sheets of drywall, or plywood, anywhere that will be hidden from view. I love to imagine someone finding those mysterious scribblings decades into the future and wondering who wrote them.

How has science fiction affected your life?

I call myself a "child of Star Wars". I was seven when the film came out and it filled me with a permanent sense of awe. Star Wars was to me what the 60's were to hippies - you really had to be there. As a side note, back when I was still doing stunt work I would double for Lisa Ryder on the science fiction series Andromeda now and then, (she's a sweetheart and very talented, by the way). It was on that set where I fulfilled my childhood dream of flying my own spaceship with a good blaster at my side, just like my hero Han Solo.

What is your favourite science fiction author/book or universe?

No favourites. A cop-out, I know. Douglas Adams and his Hitchhiker books will always have a special place in my heart, though. Humour is underrated and doesn't get as much respect as it deserves. Conversely, Margaret Atwood's Oryx and Crake sent a chill down my spine from which I've yet to completely recover.

How did you first hear about the Okal Rel Universe?

I've been living the gypsy life for about ten years now, often hanging my hat in places with not even a library and sketchy Internet connections - so I've been out of touch. In 2009 I moved back to civilization but immediately launched into Warpworld and 8 -14 hour writing days. I've just come up for air and I'm thrilled to have time to read and discover new authors again. I found Lynda and the Okal Rel Universe when I was accepted as a member in SF Canada and I look forward to diving in!

What life experiences have contributed to your creative endeavours?

Too many to list? I've lived in Japan, Costa Rica, Mexico, the Cook Islands, etc, etc. I was a professional stunt performer for 10 years. I've made and lost (small) fortunes. I once rode through a white squall in the Bahamas, in a 25 foot fishing boat, with my husband...and my cat. Life really is stranger than fiction.

What is your greatest source of inspiration?

Everything, everywhere, every day. I'm a bit of an inspiration whore.

What advice would you give to fellow/aspiring writers?

Stephen King said it best "Read a lot, write a lot." I would only add "...and don't give up."

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