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It’s a Trap!

Its a trap
Shepherds of Sparrows by Hal Friesen was published by Reality Skimming Press in Nov 2013. Illustration, below, by Debbie Ha. Article by Hal Friesen. Reality Skimming is celebrating with a series of articles about the book, each illustrated by an artist. Multiple artists will be participating.

By Hal Friesen

The distinctions between who's right, who's wrong—and especially who can be trusted—get increasingly blurred as Shepherds of Sparrows reaches its climax. What seems to be a straightforward matter of us versus them becomes a multi-faceted struggle for power, and even when Nestor thinks he's got a handle on things, however tenuous, the situation spirals out of control once more.

In this illustration by Debbie Ha, we see Nestor encounter a deadly surprise after putting himself in mortal danger. The trap is sprung and enemies surround him. Find out what happens next, and whether or not Nestor needs Admiral Ackbar's help – in Shepherds of Sparrows - now available on!

Its a trap

Its a trap!

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