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Jan 1, 2014 – Okal Rel Quote of the Day

Jan 1, 2014 -ORU Quote
Writer-daughter Jennifer Lott's 2013 Xmas gift to Lynda Williams was an Okal Rel quote of the day stack for 2014, featuring intriguing snapshots of the ORU adventure from all titles in the series: Saga, Legacies and online.

From story "Essential Differences" by Patricia Crawford.

"We must leave the blame for later!" Raine cried, giving each of them a hard look. When Veren stopped, he let his breath out and rubbed his neck where Saris had bounced off the wall so abruptly.

"Poor Raine can't play with the big girls, huh?" Veren purred, moving from fury to lust between one moment and the next. She ran one finger down his shoulder to his waist.

Raine laughed and pushed her back. "Later, if you're lucky."

Jan 1, 2014 -ORU Quote

Jan 1, 2014 -ORU Quote from Essential Differences by Patricia Crawford.


Patricia Crawford wrote about Vrellish children captured by amoral Lorels, for her story "Essential Differences" in Opus 2, the second anthology of stories set in the universe of the Okal Rel Saga. Crawford's tale was the first horror story set in the ORU, making saga author Lynda Williams muse on how the setting could host different genres of fiction.

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