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Shepherds of Sparrows by Hal Friesen was published by Reality Skimming Press in Nov 2013. Illustration, below, by Debbie Ha. Article by author Hal Friesen. Reality Skimming is celebrating with a series of articles about the book, each illustrated by an artist. Multiple artists will be participating.

By Hal Friesen

In this illustration by Debbie Ha, we see the wonder of discovery through the eyes of Voltan, who has finally found a way to put his hyperactive mind to good use. He explores and manipulates protein structure using interactive goggles and gloves—which he masters immediately. Although Prokhor, his mentor, showed Voltan the door, it’s almost as if the mentor is clutching on, trying not to be left behind.

The curse of Voltan’s genetics turns into an asset as he makes leaps and bounds in the research to end the war. It provides a little bit of calm for him, distracting him from all the tragedy long enough to begin the process of healing. And although he gazes intently at projected proteins, his thoughts and purpose remain to save his siblings and everyone else in the Grianach district.

Join in on Voltan's discoveries in Shepherds of Sparrows - now available on

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