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Meet the Relatives – Post 3

Vras Vrel by Richard Bartrop

Meet The Relatives by Lynda Williams, is the touching story of very Demish Dela's adventures in Red Reach. Illustrations are by Richard Bartrop.

Vras Vrel welcomes Dela to Red Reach

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Dela cried with relief as they made it to into dock, hoping she'd get time to freshen up in the suite of rooms assigned to her before she had to face Vras.

"Do Vrellish keep servants?" she asked.

Still wordless, Rilt began releasing cockpit straps and stopped. The airlock was cycling in their berth. The Vrellish woman sighed and laid her head back.

"Rilt?" Dela tried a tentative nudge.

The Vrellish woman did not respond.

"I don't think you're supposed to do that," Dela fretted, drawing back her hand. She was afraid to get too physical. The Vrellish had a nasty reputation for suddenness. "Hello? Rilt? Listen, you can't sleep. You need some kind of ... of stimulus. I don't know. Sing! Or...or insult me. Something!"

There was no response.

Vras kissed her back! With every sign of pleasure in the task. And this wasn't your polite peck on the cheek either either!

Dela's heart swelled with alarm. "Rilt!" she said, more urgently, and took the risk of shaking her arm. Rilt slept on.

The hatch below them opened. There was a shuffling sound, and then the head and shoulders of a sharp featured, dark haired man popped through the hole in the floor.

It was Vras!

"Rilt!" Dela squeaked at him, in panic. "She won't respond!"

Vras levered himself up with bare, lean-muscled arms. Dela's eyes followed from the heights of his quicksilver, gray eyed expression, over his vivid red vest, bare chest and black trousers down to his leather boots. He was wearing a sword belt. Its sheath was empty. But his groin was not. All Vrellish highborns were so prominently endowed Dela was embarrassed by the way they flaunted it by wearing fitted clothes. Even the female highborns had prominent swellings between their legs, albeit with different contours than their men's. Just trying not to think about it turned Dela's face red.

Vras brushed past Dela on his way to Rilt. He stood bending over her, under the cockpit's low ceiling, and slapped her twice.

"Uhhn," Rilt responded, but just barely stirred.

"You still with us?" Vras demanded, speaking down the same way Rilt had spoken up to Dela, without benefit of suffixes to say by how much.

That was that solved, thought Dela. It's so simple! Up or down by challenge class, and that's all! Now she knew how to talk again with confidence. She also thought she'd figured out the gender issue. Common gender, she suspected, except between lovers. Vras had common-spoken Rilt when he spoke.

The pleasure of her break through shattered as Rilt answered using female and male pronouns.

"I am with you, Heir Vrel," Rilt told Vras, looking giddy as a drunk. Then she reached up and pulled his mouth down on hers.

And Vras kissed her back! With every sign of pleasure in the task. And this wasn't your polite peck on the cheek either either! While he did it, he freed Rilt of her flight harness and hauled her up. She clung to his bare arm as he drew her towards the open hatch he'd come up.

Vras Vrel by Richard Bartrop

Vras Vrel by Richard Bartrop

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