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Meet the Relatives – Post 9

Vras & Dela

Meet The Relatives by Lynda Williams, is the touching story of very Demish Dela's adventures in Red Reach. Illustrations are by Richard Bartrop.

Vras confronts Frog and his followers.

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Dela started forward, and was held back by that iron hand, again, on her elbow.

"Distract him," Sert whispered, "and I'll kill you."

Dela was cowed by the other woman's man-like powers. She was no match for Sert in a physical confrontation!

She wished she could reverse their situations. She'd like to see how good Sert was with interior design or planning royal Demish receptions!

Sert, whose own breasts were small and firm, studied the white lace cresting Dela's cleavage with a disapproving scowl. Dela knew the Vrellish had a problem with Vras liking voluptuous women. As if was a sort of mild perversion.

In a flush of stubbornness, she promised Vras, in her heart, that she'd work it out. Even if he did keep kissing other women. Even if he did embarrass her. She'd find a way around it all. If only he would call her mekan'st! She had to have that much commitment! He had to be the most committed Vrellish got!

Vras stopped in front of Frog, three nobleborns and the grim faced Harn, at his back.

"Distract him," Sert whispered, "and I'll kill you."

There was a lot more variability in the build of commoners than Sevolites of any sort, but Frog was misshapen even by those standards. There were scars on his arms and chest and one eye looked as if it suffered from chronic, mild infection.

A clump of men with clubs loomed behind his back, reinforced by unarmed men and women. Mothers with young children watched tensely from further back, forming the blunt end of a human wedge of voiceless support.

To Dela it seemed as if the good guys were badly outnumbered. And the commoners did not look appropriately awed. Just as wary as if facing a live bomb.

She searched the crowd for sympathetic faces. They were mostly nobleborn or commoner, with a sprinkling of highborns whose ageless faces stood out in the sea of those marked by violence, disease or in the case of nobleborns hard flying better left to their regenerative superiors. Dela estimated there were twelve to fifteen completely new, unfamiliar Vrellish highborns clumped in threes and twos at the heart of their inferior followers.

Vras took a particularly long look at one such group, led by a big boned woman.

Vras & Dela by Richard Bartrop

Vras & Dela

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