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Opus 6 is the next anthology in the Okal Rel Legacy series, forthcoming from Absolute XPress at the end of 2012. It is the companion anthology to Part Six of the Okal Rel Saga: Avim's Oath. Opus 6 will feature the writing talents of Sarah Trick, Elizabeth Woods, Patsy Crawford, Randy McCharles, John Preet, and Amanda da Silva.

Opus 6 is currently in its writing stages, but in anticipation of its release, Reality Skimming will be running special Okal Rel Contributors posts featuring some of the people involved in its production. Look forward to these profiles appearing in the next few weeks:

The Opus anthologies are part of the Okal Rel Legacy series, which extends canon for the setting of Lynda Williams’ Okal Rel Saga. Interested authors must work within the scope of canon but can extend existing story lines and define uncharted territory. Lynda acts as integrity editor for the Okal Rel Universe as a whole.

Four remaining anthologies will be published to correspond with Okal Rel Saga installments seven through ten, and interested authors are encouraged to submit proposals. Stories must be set in the Okal Rel Universe and address the theme chosen by the editor for the anthologies (TBA). Payment is $30 per story plus two copies of the finished print product from Absolute XPress. Each story is illustrated with a commissioned sketch. Prospective authors are asked to contact [email protected] with questions.

It is expected that most contributors will have read and enjoyed the series. A great deal of background information can also be found at

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