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ORU Artifact #25 – Vanilla Rose Battlewheel

The Okal Rel Universe has inspired many beautiful, curious, fun and touching moments, objects and re-mixes or interpretations over the years. This page celebrates them one by one. Found one that should be here? Tell us about it for the finder's reward of the month. Send your discovery to [email protected]

Vanilla Rose Station

The Vanilla Rose station is the setting of action in Part 1: The Courtesan Prince and in later books under its new name of BlindEye Station after it is appropriated by Perry D'Aur and the Purple Alliance. As Ava Delm's flagship in Part 1: The Courtesan Prince, Vanilla Rose put on a show after it dropped out skim in Killing Reach: deploying banners and broadcasting a fanfare.

Vanilla Rose

Like all battlewheels, Vanilla Rose is a torus shaped affair which maintain gravitational effects via rotation. Spherical rel-fighter ships dock with it like planes landing on an aircraft carrier vessel at sea, on Earth. Since Sevolite highborns hate zero-g, they match velocity at the station's rim to pop into catcher-mit affairs called Rim Docks.

Richard Bartrop created this image of the Vanilla Rose as one piece of a planned "Technology of the ORU" collector's booklet -- the "sampler" project for 2013.

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