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ORU Artifact #4 Horth in Killing Reach Cover by Richard Bartrop

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Artist Richard Bartrop did the cover for Horth in Killing Reach, an Okal Rel Legacies title released November 30, 2008 by Absolute Xpress.

Horth in Killing Reach cover by Richard Bartrop

Horth in Killing Reach cover by Richard Bartrop

Cover of Horth in Killing Reach by artist Richard Bartrop. Novella is authored by Craig Bowlsby. It is set during the period of Horth's fleet service under Liege Bryllit, which is skipped over in Part 2: Righteous Anger. Craig Bowlsby advised on fencing scenes in the Okal Rel Saga and also wrote a short story featuring Horth as a child for an Opus publication.

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