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ORU Artifact – Shepherds of Sparrows to production

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Saturday, Sep 7, 2013, the edited manuscript for Shepherds of Sparrows by Hal Friesen was dispatched to Brian Hades of Edge Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing for layout. Lynda shared this image, to celebrate, on the facebook page for Reality Skimming

Shepherds of Sparrows

Olivia and Voltan

The cover art, by Maja Madeline LaValley, is shown here against the background of a WORD search in the finished MS for "refugee" -- illustrating Lynda's ambition to bring the Okal Rel Universe to life through the creativity of multiple writers and artists. Where the art is concerned, the working title for the idea is multi-visioning.

Olivia and Voltan, pictured in the cover art, are bio-altered children fleeing an outbreak of hysteria in the backwater district of Grianach on Monitum following the slaughter of their science-transgressing parents. Nestor's around, out of frame. Nestor Tark is Hal Friesen's main character, introduced in a series of short stories in Opus anthologies. Olivia and Voltan are new to this title. Di Mon guest stars in Shepherds of Sparrows, as Nestor's friend and liege of his adopted house. They met as comrades in arms during the Nesak war that ending in the controvertial marriage contract between Horth Nersal's parents (Part 2: Righteous Anger).

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