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Okal Rel Contributors #4: Stephanie Johanson

Okal Rel Contributors: A series of profiles celebrating the people who've contributed creatively to the Okal Rel Universe.

Stephanie painting

Stephanie Johanson has been doing her art for over thirty years. Unfortunately, life has been getting in the way. Lately other projects and considerations have kept her from her painting and soapstone carving, but she certainly couldn't say no to the chance of doing the cover for the next Okal Rel anthology, Opus 6.

Stephanie's painting style is usually realism with a hint of fantasy. She often prefers painting landscapes with the fantasy elements visible, but not obtrusive. Stephanie's soapstone carving style is organic with polished curves. Examples of her work can be viewed on the Neo-opsis Science Fiction Magazine website at www.neo-opsis.ca/art. Stephanie is the art director, assistant editor, and co-owner of Neo-opsis Science Fiction Magazine, publishing since 2003. She is proud of the fact that some people have called her a “science fiction activist,” referring to her strong desire to encourage others to enjoy the genre.

Stephanie's first introduction to the Okal Rel universe was when she was given a copy of Throne Price at the science fiction convention Con-Version, held in Calgary. She was almost given two copies, with the enthusiastic hope that she would review the novel for Neo-opsis magazine. Her original review was published in Neo-opsis Science Fiction Magazine issue 3, and can be found online. Stephanie has since reviewed several of the Okal Rel novels and anthologies, and the reviews can be read on the Neo-opsis reviews page. Stephanie is an avid fan of the Okal Rel Universe stories, and always tries to make time in her reading schedule to slip between the pages, and tag along with the characters in the latest Okal Rel adventures.

Cave (2004)

"Cave" 2004 acrylic painting by Stephanie Ann Johanson

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