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ORU creative front – Sep 13, 2012

Got the interior text of Opus 6 pulled together last night, minus bios. Here's the line up:
  • Seek and Hide by Randy McCharles
  • Passion Passed by Elizabeth Woods
  • Dresu Bondage by M. Alexis Pakulak
  • Acquiring Alivda by Angela Lott
Richard Bartrop is working on the interior illustrations. And Stephanie Ann Johanson is cover artist. Editor is Paula Johanson. On the con front - missed the emails in the critical window for getting onto the program for VCON but I'll be on one panel at Pure Speculation. After Chicon 7, I'm sort of looking forward to doing more visiting and less appearing but David and I will have to sort out triaging e-mails for critical deadlines. Sigh. I've heard from Brian Hades about the new covers, by Michelle Milburn, for the Okal Rel Legacies series. Goal is to have them all in their new clothes for VCON at the end of this month.
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