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ORU creative front – Sep 14, 2012

Exchange with Ashley Tia about her interview on Reality Skimming, coupled with news from Elizabeth Woods about her writing contest heating up, is giving me ideas for "story" on Reality Skimming.
Ashley Tia - Facebook

Ashley Tia - Facebook

Started making connections with people met at Chicon 7, for future interviews on Reality Skimming. Connecting them with Tegan to coordinate. Richard Bartrop has agreed to do sketches of ORU tech for VCON booklet. Work up this morning dreaming I missed Craig Bowlsby's book launch, for his well-researched history of regional hockey, KNIGHTS OF WINTER: Hockey in British Columbia: 1895-1911. Woke to recall it wasn't a nightmare. I had missed the launch. &^^%$ I got sick the night before and conked out. Was looking forward to it! Must get a copy. I know just who I want to give it to, for Xmas.
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