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ORU creative front – Sep 17, 2012

Too much happening this morning to get through even the "direct-to-me-personal" email. Lucky thing we have a team! Welcome Betty! Thank you Norm! Exciting new "campfire" fiction stream coming from Elizabeth. Tegan will be interviewing editors of next Tesseract book, and have S.W. draft sketch for legacies cover ...

Meanwhile, all I can share properly before shower is my bio for Pure Speculation in Nov 2012. I'll be on one panel there. Did my usual nonsense of taking too long to get things done. Looking forward, most of all, to good talks with good people. But always good to be in the program! Thank you, Diane, for making that possible.

Lynda Williams ([email protected]) writes the Okal Rel Saga (7 titles, 3 coming), a science fiction series where the characters are bioengineered but the problems are human. She edits the Okal Rel Legacies series (12 titles, 3 in process) and manages the team behind the Reality Skimming blog ( featuring fiction, everything Okal Rel, and interviews with kindred spirits. Lynda, hold three degrees and three awards for innovation, works as manager of learning technology for the Teaching and Learning Center at Simon Fraser University and teaches introductory web development at BCIT. She is married with three grown children, all writers. Her husband David Lott ([email protected]) schedules her feature on the Clarion Blog called The Writer’s Craft.
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