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Craig Bowlsby and Devon Boorman clash at VCON 2010

No moss grows on Lynda Williams, as she tirelessly travels from convention to book fairs to science fiction events promoting the Okal Rel Universe. These pages describe her travels and those of her team members, recounting past events as well as heralding upcoming appearances.

Lynda's adventures have included interviews on CBC radio, panel discussions at sci-fi conventions and in-depth profiles on literature websites. In early 2000, she organized a suspenseful sword fight between five time Western Canadian Fencing Champion and Okal Rel author Craig Bowlsby and Devon Boorman, winner of over 40 European martial arts competitions. Steel clashed as the warriors dueled for supremacy. Although no blood was spilled, this duel was a fitting celebration of the fierce spirit of Okel Rel and a glimpse of the perils of the challenge floor.

This section is divided into three parts:

  • News: The News section covers events and appearances by Lynda and members of her team in support of Okal Rel. These include book launches, interviews, book readings and school presentations.
  • Event Calendar: What's on the horizon for Okal Rel? Lynda never sits still for long, and the influence of the Okal Rel Universe is forever spreading and covering new ground. From science fiction conferences to book fairs, Sevolites and Reetions are making their presence known. People are talking about Sword Law and Arbiters, and the dangers of Rel-fatigue. Please stay tuned to this channel for Okal Rel events coming soon to your town!
  • Conventions: From Vancouver to Chicago, Lynda and the Okal Rel team travel far and wide spreading the gospel according to Horth. Follow this thread for pictures, stories and juicy anecdotes from the trenches. You will read about all the details of a science fiction writer's glorious life abroad, from the excitement of airplane travel to the after hours parties of sci fi cons around the world...

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