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ORU News – January 2, 2013

ORU News - Opus 6's final cover is submitted!

Cover for Opus 6

Cover Illustration is by Stephanie Ann Johanson

Contributors to Opus 6 were tasked with portraying failure, but not necessarily in a bad way. After all, the inspiration for the topic was Amel’s multiple failures in Avim’s Oath, Part 6 of the Okal Rel Saga, and Amel comes out ahead in the end. One suggestion to sum up the theme was “fail better.”

Editor Paula Johanson took on the job of editor. Author Randy McCharles looked at planned failure in a story set during Erien’s childhood on Rire. In “Passion Past”, Elizabeth Woods tackles a miscarriage of romance.

The story by M. Alexis Pakulak deals with a grim situation from a time when Lorels were earning their bad reputation with the rest of Sevildom, while Angela Lott takes a humorous perspective on Perry D’Aur’s failure to cope with her little granddaughter who is, after all, Alivda. So it’s hardly Perry’s fault. Dive in, enjoy, and remember there’s more than one way to bomb the next time you need to “fail better.”

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