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ORU news – Oct 18, 2012

CBC Canada Writes - Sci Fi Odyssey

First mention of my participation in the CBC Writes feature on SF Canada authors appeared in the interview with SF Canada President Steve Stanton on Oct 18, 2012.

Name three Canadian SF writers who should be more widely read than they are. Why did you choose these three?

The top three science fiction authors working with SF Canada today are Matthew Hughes, Edward Willett and Hayden Trenholm, who graciously agreed to serve as readers in the upcoming Canada Writes Sci-Fi Twitter Challenge this Wednesday, Oct. 24 along with their female counterparts Alison Sinclair and Lynda Williams. Collectively, these five authors have published 72 books with a dozen more in development stages, but I daresay their names are not widely known outside the SF subculture. It’s my job to try and change that, and I’m grateful for this opportunity.

Some feedback from friends :

Woo hoo! If CBC mentioned you does that mean you are now part of the literary intelligensia? Shall we see you next August? Hmm?
TTFN, Gary

Bobbie DuFault - "nice!"

I disagree with SF Canada president Steve Stanton concerning Okal Rel author +Lynda Williams. She deserves recognition in her own right, not as some male author's "female counterpart".
Matthew Graybosch (on google+)
Craig Bowlsby - Rah Rah! Okal Rel!

CBC Canada Writes - Sci Fi Odyssey

CBC Canada Writes - Sci Fi Odyssey

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