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Alivda (D’if)

"OK, so she's just a baby. But a baby what?"

Alivda is the second daughter of Ava Ameron Lor'Vrel and Ayrium D'Ander and a different proposition to her amenable elder sister Amy. Deceptively Demish in appearance, she is combative and ambitious, with her father's grasp of power structures - in which, by virtue of her status as neither contract nor gift child, she has no legitimate place.

She makes no bones about the shortcomings she sees in Ameron's acknowledged heir, her Pureblood half brother Erien, and but for Amel's ongoing influence in loco parentis (emphasis, some would say, on the loco), threatens to become the politically disruptive force her father fears in his children. During her childhood, she travelled extensively with Amel on his missions as Royal Envoy, watching his back - sometimes without his knowledge - and exerting her possessive influence. Hence Ann's sentiments. Amel's and Alivda's relationship is formalized early in Avim Oath, when the teenaged Alivda unexpectedly swears to him as his Champion, a move that pleases neither father nor brother.

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