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Erien Lor’Vrel

Erien Lor'Vrel, the "Throne Price" was born son to Ameron Lor'Vrel and Ev'rel Dem'Vrel, as part of the deal by which Ev'rel ceded the Throne to Ameron. Erien was abducted in infancy by Amel Dem'Vrel, and raised first on Monitum, by Leige Ditatt Monitum (the elder) and then on Rire, by Ranar, Evert and Lurol of Rire. At the age of fourteen, Ameron had Erien sent to the Nersallian fleet, where he served, reluctantly and without distinction, for three years, before taking his destiny in his own hands and returning to Gelion to champion Ranar and the recognition of Rire by Gelion.
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