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Horth Nersal

Liege of Black Hearth throughout most of the saga, Throne Champion and admiral of Sevildom's most effective fleet, Horth Nersal is - first and last - kinf'stan: a member of the Nersallian elite who can claim the right of challenge to his title.

His genetics and culture are Vrellish, with some early Nesak influence.

Horth Nersal

Horth very seldom engages in exhibition duels but his lethality in the real thing is legend: a reputation earned at the cost of kinf'stan deaths. Horth is a force to be reckoned with in space, as well, but baffled by court intrigue he is often oblivious to the side effects of his decisions and like all kinf'stan, considers his life his own to risk.

Not that he will take risks lightly. It is perfectly in keeping with Okal Rel to watch a mekan'st or friend die if the terms of conflict are honorable and the issue none of your concern.

Horth goes by Vrellish fertility manners which leave it up to a woman whether or not she wishes to try to conceive. He prefers Vrellish women, almost exclusively. Exceptions are those Demish women inclined to be 'tom-boyish'. It is generally bad manners, among the Vrellish, for a male to use the Luverthanian birth control drug, ferni, with a fellow Sevolite. All the moreso if she is an inferior. Horth fathers hundreds of children during his reign as Liege Nersal, mostly with fellow kinf'stan or by way of rewarding deserving vassal houses.

Child gifting outside House Nersal is more of a big deal, and Nersallians can be possessive of children in their "soul line" who are accidentally conceived. Outsiders may, also, have qualms about possible future complications with Nersallian challenge rights.

Horth likes machines and engineering challenges. Aristocratic at core, in an austere Nersallian fashion, the most likely inducement to get his hands dirty is dismantling, fixing or re-inventing vehicles of all descriptions.

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