Reality Skimming

Perry D’aur

Inadvertent co-founder of the PA, some forty years prior to Throne Price. A landless Dark Demish nobleborn serving as Fleet Captain for the Blue Demish House of Barmi in Killing Reach, Perry found herself fighting a space war over a territorial dispute which by Okal Rel should have been taken to the sword. Eventually, in disgust at the violations of Okal Rel, she refused outright to continue the fight. Her attempt to force the ruling family to the Challenge Floor went awry when a commoner uprising caused the family to flee - leaving Perry and her supporters to defend the territory and the commoners against an opportunistic attack by her Vrellish adversary. Defeat was averted by the leader of the Vrellish mercenaries abruptly throwing in with Perry - this being the quixotic and chaotic Vrenn. Perry and Vrenn were left in charge of a sizable portion of real-estate on the planet Barmi II. Demish justice caught up with Perry in the golden-haired person of Prince D'Ander, rebel Demoran Prince, who for reasons of his own chose to ratify Perry's fledgeling Purple Alliance, and gift Perry a child of high enough blood to hold title to Barmi. Thus was born Ayrium, Protector of the Purple Alliance and Liege Barmi. The PA's survival, and her own, through the following years never ceases to amaze Perry - that they lasted out D'Ander's attempt to use Amel as a puppet in his bid for the throne, D'Ander's death on D'Therd's sword, Ev'rel's eminity, and Ameron's manoevering to establish the PA as an experiment in mixed commoner/Sevolite governance and buffer zone between Gelion and Rire.

"Perry is a competent military commander, and a more than competent administrator and quartermaster. The PA's survival through lean and dangerous years can at least in part be attributed to her ability to extend slender resources. She is blunt, earthy and warm-hearted - still referred to as 'Cap' decades after her regular space command ended an unlikely stable of mekan'stan: Vrenn, the mercenary with a dark past, Amel, the Courtesan Prince, and Horth, Leige of Nersal. She has seven children, by different fathers, both sevolite and commoner. Her relationship with her 'son in law', Ameron, is ascerbic, since she suspects him of embroiling the PA in his schemes without being willing to offer them the legitimacy of being part of the Ava's Oath. Perry is, deep down, a traditional Blue Demish nobleborn. Circumstances, and her own blunt honor, decreed that she become a revolutionary.

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