Reality Skimming

Vrellish Dating from Far Arena

"What happened?" Evert demanded this time, nerves strained by her brooding silence at his back as he fetched the drink she now ignored.

"Erien's Liege Nersal 'happened'," Lurol growled. "That's what. Explain the casual sex roster to him, he says." She snorted. "You couldn't explain 'Good morning' to anything that Vrellish without a live demonstration."

Evert slumped into his own chair "You were attacked?"

Lurol shoved the coffee mug away from her. "This is too hot."

Evert frowned. Lurol had a nasty habit of expecting to be waited on. But it was a bit of welcome normalcy right now. "I could put some water in it," Evert said, and made no move to do so.

Lurol scrubbed her fingers through her short, stiff hair. "Uhh," she said. "I am too old for that man. I was too old for that man when I was 25! I'm 49 years old! I told him I was 49 years old. He just said 'good'." She frowned. "At least I think that's how you translate 'Ack Rel'."

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