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Reality Skimming in the New Year

Michelle MilburnMichelle Milburn is an illustrator who occasionally flirts with graphic design and creative writing. She has contributed covers for several Okal Rel Universe Legacy titles and will be doing covers for the main saga beginning with Book 7: Healer’s Sword. She has also created artwork for friend of the Okal Rel Universe, author Nathalie Mallet. Along with Lynda Williams, she is co-administrator of the Reality Skimming blog.

In September of this year, Lynda contacted me and asked if I would be interested in helping her develop the Reality Skimming blog. The blog would not only continue to be a platform for sharing information about the Okal Rel Universe specifically, but would also become a forum for discussing various topics in speculative fiction. The chance to be more involved in a growing exchange of ideas was really exciting for me, and after the first four months I'm beginning to see even more possibilities for where I'd like to see the blog go in 2012.

Of course, I'll have to consult Lynda on this one, but let's imagine for a moment and take a tentative look at my New Year's "resolutions" for Reality Skimming:

  • Bonus ORU material - Excerpts, articles, unpublished snippets, etc. There is so much material developed over the course of the lifetime of the Okal Rel Universe, and this blog is a great place to share it.
  • More multi-part guest features - Though I love the mini essays we've been doing, I want to continue to reach the depth we've been getting with our multi-part features. Most of our contributors have a particular area of interest, so let's delve into them!
  • Even more ORU Contributors - The Okal Rel Universe is arguably bolstered by the incredible support it has received from many creative people, and featuring them is an honour and a privilege.
  • Continuing Characters who have been written by multiple authors - The Okal Rel Universe contains a wide cast of characters who feature not only in the main saga but also in the Okal Rel Universe Legacy novellas and anthologies written by other authors. Not only would I like to bring the Okal Rel Universe to the Continuing Characters series, but I think it would be fascinating to explore different authors' perspectives on writing the same character.

These are just a few inklings I've been having lately, as I ponder how Reality Skimming can grow in the coming year. Let me know what you think! Next, we'll have to ask Lynda about her New Year's resolutions for 2012.

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