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August 11, 2013


Brian Hades and Lynda Williams are pleased to announce the formation of a new and independent publishing venture ...

Reality Skimming Press

With Lynda's 10-novel Okal Rel Saga nearly completed, Lynda Williams decided it was time to pursue a new dream: publishing others who share her love of heroes.

"Optimistic SF is what I like," she explained her vision. "Stories that confront the work of being human with a will to find meaning in the struggle."

Her own work has been characterized as space opera because of the emphasis on the lives, loves and decisions of the characters. "Amel, Horth, Vretla and the rest of the cast are what it's about," she said. "I like to think of it as modem epic: the story of heroes confronting big challenges." Those stories play out against a background of socially and biologically constructed questions of sexual identity, status struggles among human and post-human sub-groups, and questions like the ethics of modifying personality through medical intervention.

Although writing has been a life-long preoccupation for Williams, leadership has run a close second. For example, she launched one of Canada's first public internet organizations in the 1990s as president of the Prince George FreeNet and a member of Telecommunities Canada.

"And I've always been interested in publishing," said Williams. "I managed an academic press in the mid-2000s (UNBC Press), produced an online literary journal for ten years (Reflections on Water) and have been running the Reality Skimming Blog, in its current form, since 2010."

Reality Skimming Press will start by taking over the Okal Rel Saga and Okal Rel Legacies series from EDGE during a planned period of mentorship and transition of up to twelve months. "Then, once the infrastructure is in place, we'll start to branch out into other titles."

Anyone interested in getting to know the Reality Skimming mission, in the meantime, is welcome to visit the facebook page at or read the blog at

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