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Lynda Williams

Lynda Williams writes science fiction set in the "Okal Rel Universe". See http://www.okalrel.org to access background including story excerpts and graphics. Recurring themes center around culture conflict and the moral and social impacts of radical changes in technology, including re-written rules of gender relations as a consequence of bio-engineering. Lynda is published by Edge Fantasy and Science Fiction of Calgary, Alberta and Windstorm Creative of Seattle, Washington.  Lynda is producer and co-editor of Reflections on Water, an online journal at http://ctl.unbc.ca/row/ which features writers and artists of the northern interior of British Columbia, including special theme issues that strive to represent the diversity of writing interests in the north.

Married with three children, Lynda works by day as an educational technologist at the University of Northern B.C. where she oversees an ever-changing pack of student employees in her web development lab. In 2002 she won the B.C. Interior, North and Yukon Today's Woman award for Internet Based Promotions. She received an international honorary mention for her WebCT course, Computer Science 150, in the WebCT's Exemplary Course Awards for 2001, and won the Nancy Bennett award for exemplary library trustees for her work with the Prince George Public Library and founding the PG Free-Net Assocation.

Lynda was delighted to be the very first Northern B.C. author to appear on Betsy Trumpener's CBC Frozen Ink program, in the fall of 2002, which marked her second literary appearance on the CBC, and wishes to extend a special "thank you" to readers who appeared in the "Readings by Readers" event which launched the ORU novel Throne Price in Prince George.

Although her ORU writing is not young adult, Lynda supports the work of Readers for the Future in other ways.


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