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Synopsis of the Creative Process

Synopsis of the Creative Process

The Okal Rel universe is the product of decades of occupation by its original "parent", Lynda Williams, and co-developer Alison Sinclair (author of Legacies, Blueheart and Arthur C. Clarke Award nominee Cavalcade)

The authors met as undergraduate Chemistry students at the University of Victoria, in British Columbia, bringing with them worlds and characters evolved in childhood.

Their separate worlds came together on paper during the years that followed, evolving into the characters and situations of the Okal Rel Universe.

After graduation, Lynda and Alison remained in touch, and lived in the same city again for a period while both were obtaining post- graduate degrees at MacMaster University in Hamilton. Since then, they have kept in touch -- and the stories alive -- by e-mail.

Characters and events evolved, over the years, with repeated recasting roles, themes and preoccupations. The Universe stabilized in the mid 90s, and the first novel distilled from plans to cast it as a series, was published by Edge of Calgary in 2003.

Lynda may be writing most or all of the rest of the works set in the Okal Rel Universe herself, given Alison's other commitments and interests, but remains grateful to Alison for generously inviting her into the pro-world of science fiction and the many creative joys shared over the years.

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