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Reality Skimming

Reality Skimming promotes optimistic SF -- stories that inspire us to fight the good fight for another day. Committment to larger projects, the writer's sense of mission, joy of reading, the creative campfire of the SF community and the love of deserving protagonists are celebrated. We believe in heroes and striving to be what we believe in. It is also a news hub for content related to the Okal Rel Saga written by Lynda Williams.


Why Reality Skimming Press?

The Okal Rel Universe has inspired many beautiful, curious, fun and touching moments, objects and re-mixes or interpretations over the years. This page celebrates them one by one. Found one that should be here? Tell us about it for the finder's reward of the month. Send your discovery to [email protected]

In September 2013, Lynda asked the Reality Skimming Page for help in formulating a mission statement for Reality Skimming Press. (ETA for this mission statement is still Feb 2014.) Stephanie Ann Johanson's response, below, resonated with her own feelings. Sure, it's always great to reach a wider audience and gain respect for one's mission. But that's the icing. This feels a lot more like the "cake".

Why Reality Skimming Press?


ORU News – January 2, 2013

ORU News - Opus 6's final cover is submitted!

Cover for Opus 6

Cover Illustration is by Stephanie Ann Johanson

Contributors to Opus 6 were tasked with portraying failure, but not necessarily in a bad way. After all, the inspiration for the topic was Amel’s multiple failures in Avim’s Oath, Part 6 of the Okal Rel Saga, and Amel comes out ahead in the end. One suggestion to sum up the theme was “fail better.”

Editor Paula Johanson took on the job of editor. Author Randy McCharles looked at planned failure in a story set during Erien’s childhood on Rire. In “Passion Past”, Elizabeth Woods tackles a miscarriage of romance.

The story by M. Alexis Pakulak deals with a grim situation from a time when Lorels were earning their bad reputation with the rest of Sevildom, while Angela Lott takes a humorous perspective on Perry D’Aur’s failure to cope with her little granddaughter who is, after all, Alivda. So it’s hardly Perry’s fault. Dive in, enjoy, and remember there’s more than one way to bomb the next time you need to “fail better.”


ORU creative front – Oct 22, 2012

Detail from art in development for cover of Opus 6

Detail from art in development for cover of Opus 6

On the creative front, luscious painting in the works for background of Opus 6 cover by artist Stephanie Ann Johanson.

Also collecting bios and pictures for Opus 6 and have made arrangements for bringing a new blog admin on board to join the team, starting in November 2012.


Why Words? #1: Neo-opsis (origin of name)

The story behind the name - something that emerged in an e-mail conversation with Stephanie. Stephanie is cover artist for Opus 6 anthology and has agreed to edit a future opus - probably Opus 7.

We spell the magazine's name as Neo-opsis or NEO-OPSIS, not Neo-Opsis. The idea with the name is that it is neo (new) opsis (which means view or opinion) and the two o's with the dash make a pair of glasses o-o in the middle.

Stephanie Ann Johanson - Sept 2102

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