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True Perception by Ashlea Naeth – Post 2

True Perceptions 2

True Perceptions 2

True Perception by Ashlea Naeth. Illustrations are by Richard Bartrop.

Ashlea Naeth was the winner of a story contest for the teen writers group at the Prince George Public Library judged by ORU contributor and teacher Elizabeth Woods, in the fall of 2012. Reality Skimming agreed to publish the winning story with illustrations by Richard Bartrop.

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I deserved this. I deserved every ounce of pain that tore away at me for all the things I had done in my past life, the families that I had broken apart. I let out a choked sob. My eyes welled up with tears. As they fell, dark rivers marked their path on my pale complexion.

I hadn’t wanted to become the “bad guy.” Honest. I had just taken the wrong path trying to do right thing.

"Please!" I screamed, looking around the room. I knew that the others were watching, satisfied with the pain and regret that I felt. I began to believe that this pain would last forever.

"I'm sorry! What else do you want me to say?!" I demanded, wanting the answers that would never come.

The pain of my true darkness filled me, left me writhing and screaming in pain. Then my brilliant, white wings began to slowly fade from innocent white to a midnight black. I couldn't take it. My arms and legs gave out from beneath me, though I hardly felt the floor as it connected with my face. Scattered around me, sticking to the smears of blood on the floor, were my once white feathers, black and ruined by the darkness.

My chest heaved as I struggled to catch my breath, each gasp drawing in less air, like someone was squeezing my throat, blocking the air from filtering in. My eye lids fluttered, and the world around me started to dim all over again.

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