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ORU Sighting at a Library

KristaKrista D. Ball is a Canadian speculative fiction author who is currently hiding from necromancers. Better safe than undead.

Krista has discovered time travel, as she is convinced it was February when she went to bed last night. 2012 has been busy already, with her Newfoundland fantasy series (Spirits Rising) launching, as well as her epic fantasy series, Tranquility's Blaze.

However, it's the later half of 2012 that will see Krista curled in the fetal position mumbling, "Precious." She has several speaking engagements, including a workshop at When Words Collide. The second story in her Newfoundland series launches in October (Dark Whispers), as well as the second book in her Tranquility series (Tranquility's Grief) in November.

And, because that isn't enough stress, her highly anticipated writer's guide, What K>ings Ate and Wizards Drank: A Fantasy Lover's Guide to Food, will expose the world to rabbit stew and pig bladders on jam jars in November.

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