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Why SF#6: Airplanes, Martial Arts and…. Okal Rel?

Why SF? Asking kindred spirits in the SF community the story of why they give back and create forward.

John Preet was born where Stephen Leacock was buried, but he moved to Calgary when his dad was transferred. John was an indifferent student, and was encouraged by his father to join the navy. However after he spent a summer working tugboats off Vancouver, he decided to join the army instead, through which he served at several different locations. From here he took up flying, as well as work in civil engineering. He then moved on to an education in teaching, where he then taught instructors and developing curricula. After he received these credentials, he gained more for flying and continued on that path. As he continued on the educational path, he decided to start a company for technical and educational writing. Part way through this started fiction writing, as well as editing as a hobby.

Interviewed by Tegan Lott

How did you discover the Okal Rel Universe?

I actually bought a copy of Throne Price before I knew anything about the series, the setting or the premise. Shortly after that, I met the authour at the first convention I ever attended and managed a rather lengthy discussion of the series. It interested me because of how detailed the universe was and how well the premise integrated into the books.

How have you been involved in the ORU, both at Cons and not?

I have had a fairly large number of contacts with fans, the original authour and authors/editors/artists associated with the main series and the anthologies (and had the honour of being an editor for an anthology). I have also attended panels dealing with some of the blood and gore aspects of the series 🙂

What are some other activites/ programs that you are involved in?

Ummm . . . . well, outside of Okal Rel? Pilot, scuba diver, empty hand and blade martial student, rock climber, rabid motorcylist . . .

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